Gallery Stroll is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization funded by sponsorships and grants. We are dedicated to promoting the visual arts in Salt Lake City.


Founded by the Salt Lake Gallery Association in 1983, Gallery Stroll began as a small consortium of fine art galleries. Today, as a separate non-profit organization, the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll encompasses the majority of galleries and visual-arts related businesses in Salt Lake City. The goal remains promote the best art Salt Lake City has to offer.

To that end, on the third Friday of each month, galleries and other businesses that support visual artists stay open late, providing an opportunity for art enthusiasts to tour their exhibits after hours. In December, Gallery Stroll is held on the first Friday of the month.

In May we facilitate the annual Gallery Roll as a part of National Bike Month.


The Salt Lake Gallery Stroll strives to promote and provide access to the expression, appreciation, and understanding of the visual arts in Salt Lake City and to increase the reputation of Utah artists and art organizations locally, nationally and internationally.

We seek to remove intellectual, social and physical barriers to the enjoyment and understanding of visual art and encourage awareness of Salt Lake City’s diverse visual art community.

We strive to broaden the local audience interested in visual arts and improve the quality of their experiences.


When is Gallery Stroll? Gallery Stroll is held the third Friday of each month, except in December when it is held on the first Friday.

What time does Gallery Stroll begin? Gallery Stroll officially begins at 6 pm and continues until 9 pm. But some galleries remain open all day and stay open after 9 pm. It’s a good idea to check individual galleries for hours if you are planning on visiting later. You can do that by checking on the Current Stroll tab and finding phone numbers for galleries that way.

Where does Gallery Stroll start? Gallery Stroll is a self-guided tour. You can begin wherever you like to make the most of your experience. There are certain areas with a higher concentration of galleries if you are interested in walking. Feel free to call 801.870.0956 for specific questions.

Do I need a ticket to get into Gallery Stroll? Gallery Stroll is a free, public event. No tickets are required. The doors are open and you are welcome to walk in.

Where should I park? There are many places to park. It depends on where you’re headed. You can find parking meters along most streets downtown, or take TRAX and walk from there.

Is there a map that shows me where all the galleries are? Yes, there is a Google Map accessible from the Current Stroll Page. Participating venues change from month to month, so check back often.

How does my business join or sponsor Gallery Stroll? You can find more information on joining Gallery Stroll by calling 801.870.0956. Every participant must display a current commercial business license. Business licenses are non-transferable. Non-profit organizations or special Gallery Stroll events must provide proof of liability insurance.

I am an artist and want to get my work on the Gallery Stroll. How do I do that? Gallery Stroll does not promote individual artists; it promotes galleries and visual arts related businesses. If you are and artist interested in having your work seen on Gallery Stroll, you will need to contact one of our participating galleries or sponsors.

Bring friends.
Meet artists.

Take home a masterpiece.
Be part of art!


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