August Gallery Stroll - August 17, 2018 6-9pm

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15th Street Gallery – 1519 S 1500 E; 801-468-1515
Featuring new work from Jenna Von Benedikt, Carole Wade and Trenton Higley for the August Gallery Stroll.

A Gallery – 1321 S 2100 E; 801-583-4800
Featuring Jennifer Rasmusson’s solo exhibition, New Abstracts. Striving for Notan, a balance between the light and dark spaces in the composition, Rasmusson’s process is a fluid conversation between herself, the paint and various materials. The result is layers of luminous color, shape and space.

Alice Gallery – 617 E South Temple; 801-236-7555
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Alpine Art – 430 E South Temple; 801-355-1155
Presenting Urban Stories, new works by Angela Woods. This series of paintings are inspired by the moments and memories that connect us to the urban landscapes and hidden beauty in structures and roadways where we are not just passengers but observers. Light refreshments and drinks will be served..

Anthony's Fine Art and Antiques – 401 E 200 S; 801-328-2231
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Art Access – 230 S 500 W #125; 328-0703
Presenting Light and Constant Movement by Maria Zielinksa in Art Access Gallery. Also presenting Bits and Pieces by Deborah Durban in Access II Gallery.

Art at the Main – Ground floor of the Main City Library, 210 E 400 S; 801-363-4088
Presenting HOT! HOT! HOT!, a summer-themed show by all 16 cooperative members (all Utah artists).

Arts of the World Gallery – 802 S 600 E; 801-532-8035
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Commerce & Craft – 1950 South 1100 East; 801-207-1030
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

David Dee Fine Arts – 1709 E 1300 S #201; 801-583-8143
Take the plunge by visiting David Dee Fine Arts for Gallery Stroll. You’ll be refreshed by the extraordinary selection of early Utah and Western American art! The special summer sale ends with summer — don’t miss out on savings up to 20%.

David Ericson Fine Art – 418 S 200 W; 801-533-8245
Featuring new work by gallery artists.

Downtown Artist Collective (DAC) – 265 E 100 S;
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

DRAW Inc. Gallery – 752 6th Avenue; 801- 893-2404
Presenting Luminous Expressions, new work by Miriam Tribe and Olu Shoaga. This exhibition highlights the works of two mixed media artists from different backgrounds working to create abstract works, as well as unique portraits and collage landscapes.

Evergreen Framing Co. & Gallery – 3295 S 2000 E; 801-467-8770
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Every Blooming Thing – 1344 S 2100 E, 801-521-4773
Visit Every Blooming Thing for August Gallery Stroll and enjoy new work by local artist, Clint Whiting, with a talk by the artist at 6:00 pm.

Evolutionary Healthcare – 461 E 200 S; 801-519-2461
Presenting Reset, oil paintings by Suzanne Barton.

Final Kick Ankle and Foot Clinic – 348 East 4500 South #370; 385-770-7203
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Finch Lane Gallery – 1340 E 100 S (in Reservoir Park); 801-596-5000
Presenting artists, Justin Chouinard and Trent Alvey. In Appendages of Sense, Chouinard, captures moments of life in his exhibition of hand-manipulated photos. In I’m Floating in a Most Peculiar Way, Alvey explores the beginnings of life in the Great Salt Lake and the continuity of self-organizing intelligence in both biological and non-biological systems. Alvey’s installation is an interdisciplinary art/biology project in collaboration with professor Bonnie Baxter from Westminster College.

Flow Art Space – 363 S 500 E #208; 612-242-8796
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Fringe Gallery – 345 W Pierpont Ave; 385-202-7511
Presenting Rocking Paper & Scissors, a Fringe Gallery collage invitational curated by David LeCheminant. Featuring a stunning collection of collage work from six local Utah artists, the exhibition encompasses many different media types and stylistic approaches with a carefully curated selection from artists Sarah Milne, Emily Larsen, Kandace Steadman, Rebecca Pletsch, Kathy Simpson and Liza Julien.

Gateway Mall– 18 N Rio Grande Street; 801-456-0000
Stroll through the Gateway during August Gallery Stroll and explore the murals and interactive art pieces throughout the property. Meet the local artists involved in the Art Shop Project as they open their doors for special pop-up galleries.

George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Gallery – Salt Lake Community College Center for Arts & Media, South City Campus 1575 S State Street; 801-957-4496
Presenting Cara Jean Means’ GRIP: Conversational Portraits on Mental Health, which illustrates the unseen yet palpable experiences of those currently in the throes of mental illness. Whether you have mental illness or simply advocate for those who do, this series will shift your conversational habits toward recognition, healthy coping and revolutionized medical care.

Glass House – 3910 Highland Drive; 801-666-8968
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Harmons Grocery City Creek – 135 E 100 S; 801-428-0365
Featuring the art works of Joel Addams.

Hein Atelier of Traditional Art – 16 W 700 S; 801-502-9185
Visit this working studio and enjoy paintings and drawings in progress and a recently completed work by Jeff Hein. New works by very talented apprentices will also be on display.

Hope Gallery – 151 S Main; 801-532-1336
Featuring a distinct collection of European Masters, from the sixteenth to twenty-first centuries. With works emphasizing La Belle Epoch and Nordic Luminists, the gallery’s original collection and high quality giclee canvas and paper reproductions are available for purchase.

Horne Fine Art – 142 E 800 S; 801-533-4200
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Lanny Barnard Gallery – 110 Trolley Square, 706 E 600 S; 801-364-4482
Presenting a collection of unique paintings by Lanny Barnard in a stunning boutique-style gallery environmnet.

Mestizo Coffee House Gallery – 631 W North Temple #700; 801-596-0500
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Michael Berry Gallery – 163 E 300 S; 801-521-0243
Featuring new work by Elena Lawrence and Susan Gallacher.

Modern West Fine Art – 177 East 200 South 801-355-3383
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Mountain West Hard Cider – 425 North 400 West; 801-935-4147
Open until 7:00 pm on Gallery Stroll. Due to changes in Utah State liquor laws, Gallery Stroll can no longer list this venue. For special Gallery Stroll exhibits in this 21+ venue, please visit their FaceBook Event Page here.

Nostalgia Café – 248 E 100 S; 801-532-5638
Presenting photographs by Andrew Hyder. Interested in mechanical forms of art, Hyder’s love for photography blossomed when he discovered new formats and machines.

Nox Contemporary; – 440 S 400 W Suite H; 801-289-6269
Closed for August Galelry Stroll.

Phillips Gallery – 444 E 200 S; 801-364-8284
Presenting the Annual Summer Group show featuring fine art by the entire collection of Phillips Gallery artists (plus a few new artists). The wonderful variety of styles and mediums on exhibit reflects the vast talent that we are fortunate to be exposed to in Utah. Visit all three floors of exhibit space including the sculpture deck.

Relics Framemakers & Gallery– 4685 S Holladay Blvd.; 801-272-8312
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Rio Gallery – 300 S Rio Grande; 801-245-7272
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.

Sego 3 Fine Art – 661 S 200 E; 801-328-9848
Sego 3 Fine Art is celebrating their one-year anniversary this month. Stop by for "Anniversary Sale" prices on hundreds of original pieces of art as well as signed prints and giclees.

The Stockist – 875 E 900 S; 801-535-3548
Presenting Man in the Mirror by designer and illustrator Kevin Perry. This collection focuses on colorful portraits of iconic figures including Freddie Mercury, Debbie Harry, Harvey Milk and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Experimental and vibrant, these representations offer a new perspective on some of the world's most influential people.

Summit Sotheby’s International Realty's - 9th & 9th Office – 870 E 900 S; 801-467-2100
Scott Tuckfield's work is a bridge between the mystical and the worldly. In this collection of pieces, he explores the dynamic inner experience of human beings, and our connection with the vast cosmos. His goal as an artist is to make the spirit visible, and to inspire the evolution of consciousness towards joy, love and harmony.

TURN City Center for the Arts –511 W 200 S #160, 801-924-0347
Creation and creativity are very important to the artists at City Center for the Arts, an arts-based day program for adults with disabilities. The center acts as a studio for thirty developing artists with a wide variety of interests and perspectives. This month will feature a series of textured paintings utilizing fabrics.

Urban Arts Gallery – 137 South Rio Grande Street; 801-651-3937
Presenting two distinct yet complementary exhibits, each aimed at addressing problems of social inequality, injustice and ignorance. Guest curated by Adelaide Ryder, Protect is a small group show of local artists who are passionate about discussing and exploring social issues. Disarm by Konstructivist is a collection of radical, relevant artwork designed to invoke conversation and progress towards solving the environmental and humanitarian crises facing modern society.

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art – 20 S West Temple; 801-328-4201
Celebrate the opening of two new UMOCA exhibitions that epitomize 21st-century artistic possibilities. Nancy Rivera’s Impossible Bouquets: After Jan Van Huysum is the purposeful re-creation of the works of the 18th century Dutch painter who became famous for his still-life paintings of arrangements showing flowers that were imported from Europe and Asia. Ryan Reuhlen’s Georythmic Drift Music is a psychogeographical sonic performance installation in which Ruehlen has broadcasted from various remote locations including the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Winderemere Real Estate's Redman Gallery – 6th and 7th Floors of the Redman Building, 1240 E 2100 S #600; 801-485-3151
Closed for August Gallery Stroll.


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