Gallery Stroll - February 15, 2019 6-9pm

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15th Street Gallery – 1519 S 1500 E; 801-468-1515
15th Street Gallery will be featuring Leslie Graff and Steve Smock for the February 2019 Gallery Stroll.

A Gallery – 1321 S 2100 E; 801-583-4800
Presenting Love In the Abstract. Delight in the exploration of A Gallery artists’ interpretation of abstract expressions of Love. Includes new work by Brian Christensen, Anne Gregerson, Brent Godfrey, Emily Robison, Jared Walker, Brian Koch, Marianne Cone, Jennifer Rasmusson, Toni Doilney and Linnie Brown.

Alice Gallery – 617 E South Temple; 801-236-7555
Closed for February Gallery Stroll.

Alpine Art – 430 E South Temple; 801-355-1155
Presenting James Joel Homes’ Duo Tabulatorum (Two Sides to Every Story). Holmes creates mixed-media artworks and paintings. The coincidental connections behind his perplexing array of forms provide a unique perspective on the often isolated and chaotic movements of kinetic reality and life relative to stationary or transitory objects.

Anthony's Fine Art and Antiques – 401 E 200 S; 801-328-2231
Closed for February Gallery Stroll.

Art Access – 230 S 500 W #125; 328-0703
Presenting Our (un)Natural World. This group show features artists exploring our relationship to the natural world -- its beauty and power, and the impact humans have made upon it. Also presenting Invisible by Katie Benson and Betsy Auwerda. This exhibit features two artists working to make their experiences with chronic illness visible to others.

David Dee Fine Arts – 1709 E 1300 S #201; 801-583-8143
Presenting Maynard Dixon In the High Desert, a rare opportunity to see extraordinary works by a master of the American West. This remarkable exhibition features drawings and paintings spanning Dixon’s career from 1895 to 1941, across a broad price range.

David Ericson Fine Art – 418 S 200 W; 801-533-8245
Visit David Ericson Fine Art for a group show with all the gallery regulars.

Downtown Artist Collective (DAC) – 265 E 100 S;
Presenting the opening of Daylight Strains & Painted Panes, featuring the artwork of Jeffrey Hale and Chris Madsen.

DRAW Inc. Gallery – 752 6th Avenue; 801- 893-2404
Nonprofits DRAW Inc and HEAL UT are proud to present Keep Breathing by artist Elisabeth Bunker. This exhibit features a series of work about the effect of the inversion and its influence on how we see and experience the Salt Lake Valley. Not only does this exhibit showcase amazing works of art, but it also takes a critical look at Salt Lake's poor air quality during the peak of the inversion season and the legislative session.

Evergreen Framing Co. & Gallery – 3295 S 2000 E; 801-467-8770
Evergreen is bringing the OUTSIDE IN. Featuring the work of David Meikle and Tyler Huntzinger. Visit the artist reception and enter opportunity drawing to win $100.00 Gift Certificate.

Every Blooming Thing – 1344 S 2100 E, 801-521-4773
Featuring new work from Stephanie Saint Thomas and Leif Burton, with light refreshments from Les Madeleines, Whole Foods and Tulie Bakery.

Evolutionary Healthcare – 461 E 200 S; 801-519-2461
Presenting Nature and Wildlife Photography from the Adventures of Andy Wolcott.

Final Kick Ankle and Foot Clinic – 348 East 4500 South #370; 385-770-7203
Closed for February Gallery Stroll.

Finch Lane Gallery – 1340 E 100 S (in Reservoir Park); 801-596-5000
Presenting artists Vincent Mattina, Etsuko Kato and Bill Dunford.

Flow Art Space – 363 S 500 E #208; 612-242-8796
Featuring more from New Realities (Chaos), a series of photographs from Melissa May Metzler. Never photo-shopped, there are hundreds of photographs in the series that Metzler continues to revisit, print, and present.

Gateway Mall– 18 N Rio Grande Street; 801-456-0000
Join the Gateway during Salt Lake Gallery Stroll and explore the many pop-up galleries, murals and interactive art pieces throughout the property.

George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Gallery – Salt Lake Community College Center for Arts & Media, South City Campus 1575 S State Street; 801-957-4496
Presenting the Beloved Community Photography Project. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. popularized the phrase "beloved community" to represent his vision for societies that embrace cooperation, unity, and connection. To honor and apply this bold idea, the Salt Lake Community College School of Arts, Communication & Media created a program to encourage art by local students that showcases their own cherished neighborhoods. The LED Exhibition Wall will hold Irene Rampton’s Reminiscence. Rampton often reminisces about her ardent pursuit of drawing and painting women. She is enthralled with the face; the emotion and story that can be observed through facial features, (especially the eyes) as well as the implied body language.

Glass House – 3910 Highland Drive; 801-666-8968
Closed for February Gallery Stroll.

Harmons Grocery City Creek – 135 E 100 S; 801-428-0365
Mark LaPoint uses acrylic spray paint to create geometric, multi-dimensional art pieces that grab your attention in his bold and vibrant abstract pieces.

Hein Atelier of Traditional Art – 16 W 700 S; 801-502-9185
Closed for February Gallery Stroll.

Hope Gallery – 151 S Main; 801-532-1336
Featuring a distinct collection of old European masters from the 16th to 21st centuries, with works emphasizing La Belle Epoch, and the largest collection of original Danish works outside the national museums in Denmark. Artists such as Durer, Rembrandt, Bloch, Kroyer, Henningsen, Wegmann and Molsted make up this unique compilation of master works available for purchase.

Horne Fine Art – 142 E 800 S; 801-533-4200
Presenting Sweet Sixteen, a celebrating Horne Fine Art’s sixteenth anniversary with delicious color-and-light-filled paintings. Enjoy delectably candy-hued redrock by Ryan Cannon, radiant cityscapes, dancers, and florals by Karen Horne, cheery gardens by Phyllis Horne, new dogs and swimmers by Jamie Wayman, and romantic lake scenes by Ken Baxter.

Lanny Barnard Gallery – 110 Trolley Square, 706 E 600 S; 801-364-4482
Visit Lanny Barnard Gallery in Trolley Square, featuring a fresh new collection of contemporary cityscapes by Lanny Barnard.

Mestizo Coffee House Gallery – 631 W North Temple #700; 801-596-0500
Mestizo Gallery is celebrating Black History month with an exhibit of artwork shared from Utah residents’ personal collections. The exhibit highlights the art of Black and African artists locally and nationally from Delano James, E. Dbakonga, Paul Nzalamba and many others. Each has a unique story that reflects building community, celebrating family to recognizing leaders of the civil rights movement.

Modern West Fine Art – 177 East 200 South 801-355-3383
Presenting the continuation of the exhibit Now Showing, new works by Ben Steele. The show features work with a movie theme.

Mountain West Hard Cider – 425 North 400 West; 801-935-4147
Open until 7:00 pm on Gallery Stroll. Due to changes in Utah State liquor laws, Gallery Stroll can no longer list this venue. For special Gallery Stroll exhibits in this 21+ venue, please visit their FaceBook Event Page here.

Nostalgia Café – 248 E 100 S; 801-532-5638
In this body of work Josie White, a Salt Lake City artist uses multimedia collage to celebrate the relationship between owners and their dogs. Join Nostalgia Café for a collection of Pop Art inspired by the joy and unconditional love that dogs exude.

Nox Contemporary; – 440 S 400 W Suite H; 801-289-6269
Presenting multi-media exhibition Displacing Vibrations by Wendy Wischer, in collaboration with geophysicist, Jeffrey Moore. The exhibition creates a unique experience of sound, sculpture, installation, video and non-traditional drawing, while shifting fragmented angles of perception through making the invisible visible and the inaudible audible, allowing sensorial enhancement of what appears familiar by providing new ways of experiencing, enriched observation and new forms of interpretation.

Phillips Gallery – 444 E 200 S; 801-364-8284
Presenting Art History, new paintings by University of Utah professor, Maureen O’Hara Ure. Also presenting new work by James Charles in the downstairs Dibble Gallery.

Relics Framemakers & Gallery– 4685 S Holladay Blvd.; 801-272-8312
Closed for February Gallery Stroll.

Rio Gallery – 300 S Rio Grande; 801-245-7272
Presenting Utah's 15 (Vol. II): The State's most Influential Artists, an exhibition co - curated by Artists of Utah/15 bytes. This exhibition is the culmination of a project that began with a simple (or not so simple) question: Who are the state’s most influential artists?

Sego 3 Fine Art – 661 S 200 E; 801-328-9848
Presenting newly framed watercolors by Ian Ramsay, Susan Gallacher and Kathy Wilson. Also on display is a great selection of small John Hughes oil paintings, and as usual, some collectibles by early Utah artists.

Southam Gallery – 152 S Main; 801-322-0376
Closed for February Gallery Stroll.

The Stockist – 875 E 900 S; 801-535-3548
Closed for February Gallery Stroll.

Summit Sotheby’s International Realty's - 9th & 9th Office – 870 E 900 S; 801-467-2100
Closed for February Gallery Stroll.

Tailor Cooperative – 335 Pierpont Avenue #2; 801-656-6525
Closed for February Gallery Stroll.

TURN City Center for the Arts –511 W 200 S #160, 801-924-0347
Creation and creativity are very important to the artists at City Center for the Arts, an arts-based day program for adults with disabilities. The center displays the art of thirty developing artists with a wide variety of interests and perspectives. This month, in addition to the exhibit, we will have a silent auction, live music by the Disgusting Brothers, and a community canvas to paint on.

Urban Arts Gallery – 137 South Rio Grande Street; 801-651-3937
Presenting Spellbound, a group show dedicated to the realms of fantasy, fairy tales, and pure imagination. Heartfelt and whimsical, dark and delightful, this exhibit is filled with skilled and creative local artists who bring the world of magic to life.


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