Gallery Stroll - June 21, 2019 6-9pm

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15th Street Gallery – 1519 S 1500 E; 801-468-1515
The 15th Street Gallery will have a Summer Group Show featuring all of the gallery’s talented artists.

A Gallery – 1321 S 2100 E; 801-583-4800
It's summer! Celebrate the Solstice with A Gallery at their ever-popular Summer Solstice Event. This group exhibition features new works by select A Gallery artists. Enjoy the longest day of the year while being surrounded by art.

Alice Gallery – 617 E South Temple; 801-236-7555
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Alpine Art – 430 E South Temple; 801-355-1155
Presenting Best of Show. Connect with this artwork inspired by animals during this special event for art lovers and their pets! This art show aims to capture the joy and playfulness of our beloved pets and animals. Bring your pets and enjoy an evening of art and hors d’oeuvres.

Anthony's Fine Art and Antiques – 401 E 200 S; 801-328-2231
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Art Access – 230 S 500 W #125; 328-0703
Presenting Neo Archaic Magic by Brian Bean and Happiness is Human-ness by the Artists of TURN City Center for the Arts, curated by Natasha Hoffman.

David Dee Fine Arts – 1709 E 1300 S #201; 801-583-8143
Presenting Form, Line and Color: Modernism and Abstraction in Utah and Beyond, featuring works by Lee Deffebach, Doug Snow, George Dibble, Tony Smith, and other important regional Modernist artists.

David Ericson Fine Art – 418 S 200 W; 801-533-8245
Presenting new work by Michael Workman and Justin Wheatley.

Downtown Artist Collective (DAC) – 265 E 100 S;
Presenting the opening reception of Bodily Wonder, featuring works from Alexanna Wonder and Chris Bodily. Bodily Wonder engages in a phantastical carnivalesque dialogue between 2-D art and performance pieces. The evening will also include hourly performances by the Interdimensional Clown Collective.

DRAW Inc. Gallery – 752 6th Avenue; 801- 893-2404
Presenting Changing Spaces, work by Draw Inc. outreach instructors, Emily Bagley, Janna Bateman and Sydney Porter.

Evergreen Framing Co. & Gallery – 3295 S 2000 E; 801-467-8770
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Every Blooming Thing – 1344 S 2100 E, 801-521-4773
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Evolutionary Healthcare – 461 E 200 S; 801-519-2461
Presenting Nature and Wildlife Photography from the adventures of Andy Wolcott.

Final Kick Ankle and Foot Clinic – 348 East 4500 South #370; 385-770-7203
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Finch Lane Gallery – 1340 E 100 S (in Reservoir Park); 801-596-5000
Presenting Justina Bonaventura’s Material Questions for the Immaterial, Céline Downen’s the Quotidian Details and Danielle Susi’s Blue Repeat.

Flow Art Space – 363 S 500 E #208; 612-242-8796
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Gateway Mall– 18 N Rio Grande Street; 801-456-0000
The Gateway is proud to partner with the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll as part of the vibrant visual art scene in Salt Lake City. Walk the Rio Grande and explore the murals and interactive art pieces throughout the property, as well as several Art Shop Project Pop–Up Exhibits.

George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Gallery – Salt Lake Community College Center for Arts & Media, South City Campus 1575 S State Street; 801-957-4496
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Glass House – 3910 Highland Drive; 801-666-8968
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Harmons Grocery City Creek – 135 E 100 S; 801-428-0365
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Hein Atelier of Traditional Art – 16 W 700 S; 801-502-9185
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Hope Gallery – 151 S Main; 801-532-1336
Featuring a distinct collection of old European masters from the 16th to 21st centuries, with works emphasizing La Belle Epoch, and the largest collection of original Danish works outside the national museums in Denmark. Artists such as Durer, Rembrandt, Bloch, Kroyer, Henningsen, Wegmann and Molsted make up this unique compilation of master works available for purchase.

Horne Fine Art – 142 E 800 S; 801-533-4200
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Lanny Barnard Gallery – 110 Trolley Square, 706 E 600 S; 801-364-4482
Visit Lanny Barnard Gallery in Trolley Square, featuring a fresh new collection of contemporary landscapes by Lanny Barnard.

Mestizo Coffee House Gallery – 631 W North Temple #700; 801-596-0500
Presenting WORK, a collaborative, participatory art project generated by the students and families of Escalante Elementary in the Rose Park and Westpointe neighborhoods of SLC. Over the course of several months, students photographed and audio recorded what the theme of work means to them and their families in everyday lives.

Modern West Fine Art – 177 East 200 South 801-355-3383
Presenting Paper & Thread, a show comprised of works by 20 represented and guest artists.

Mountain West Hard Cider – 425 North 400 West; 801-935-4147
Open until 7:00 pm on Gallery Stroll. Due to changes in Utah State liquor laws, Gallery Stroll can no longer list this venue. For special Gallery Stroll exhibits in this 21+ venue, please visit their FaceBook Event Page here.

Nostalgia Café – 248 E 100 S; 801-532-5638
Presenting a collection of oil paintings by local artist Troy Forbush.

Nox Contemporary; – 440 S 400 W Suite H; 801-289-6269
Presenting a studio sale by Nox Contemporary owner, John Sproul. Most drawings will be priced at $100, $200 or $300. Paintings will be also available upon request at 60% off of retail price. This is a rare opportunity to obtain John's work at this price.

Phillips Gallery – 256 E 100 S; 801-364-8284
Presenting a studio sale by Nox Contemporary owner, John Sproul. Most drawings will be priced at $100, $200 or $300. Paintings will be also available upon request at 60% off of retail price. This is a rare opportunity to obtain John's work at this price.

Ramble – 256 E 100 S;
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Relics Framemakers & Gallery– 4685 S Holladay Blvd.; 801-272-8312
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Rio Gallery – 300 S Rio Grande; 801-245-7272
Presenting Time + Materials, work by Heidi Moller Somsen, Richard Gate and Jacqui Larsen. In this exhibition of sculpture, monoprints, painting and collage, the artists re-purpose images and archetypes, while responding to the inherent idiosyncrasies of their materials.

Sego 3 Fine Art – 661 S 200 E; 801-328-9848
Featuring a new collection of small paintings by Utah artists including John Hughes, Kathy Wilson, Ian Ramsey and Susan Gallacher. Also featuring newly acquired landscapes by early Utah artists as well as one painted by a member of the Paris Salon in the late 1800s.

Southam Gallery – 152 S Main; 801-322-0376
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

The Stockist – 875 E 900 S; 801-535-3548
Closed for June Gallery Stroll.

Summit Sotheby’s International Realty's - 9th & 9th Office – 870 E 900 S; 801-467-2100
Featuring the art of Lisa Marie Crosby, work based in landscape, color, balance, emotion and memory.

Tailor Cooperative – 333 Pierpont Avenue; 801-656-6525
Presenting local artist, Michael E. Wall. The art showcased in this month's Gallery Stroll represents a search for celestial environments and beings. In his work, Michael is attempting to create a world his spirit could dwell in, whether it be in this life or the next one to come.

Tallulah Gallery – 1354 S 1100 E; 801-486-0361
Tallulah Gallery presents new work by ceramic artist Donna Lashof, functional and fun art.

TURN City Center for the Arts –511 W 200 S #160, 801-924-0347
Creation and creativity are very important to the artists at City Center for the Arts, an arts-based day program for adults with disabilities. The center acts as a studio for thirty developing artists with a wide variety of interests and perspectives. TURN will not be displaying artwork in their own gallery for the June Gallery Stroll, and will be instead showing an exhibit titled Happiness is Human-ness in the Access II Gallery over at Art Access.

Urban Arts Gallery – 116 South Rio Grande Street; 801-230-0820
Presenting In Her Own Image, a collection of artwork by local female artists, exploring and celebrating the countless facets of living life as a woman. The exhibit features work from a large and diverse group of women, resulting in a rich, vibrant tapestry of perspectives and styles.

Windermere Real Estate’s Redman Gallery – 1240 E 2100 S #600; 801-485-3151
Presenting Cuba, The Road to Resilience by Carl Oelerich. Featuring a collection of photographs from the past 16 years that document the human condition of life in Cuba. As the politically isolated island emerges from five decades of Castroism these images show the cultural and social changes of a passing way of life and a better future.


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